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Lean Teen is an interactive community of young people, learning how to achieve better health and fitness, while enjoying awesome activites, competitions, and a supportive community.

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Enrollment BadgeEnrollment Badge: Lean Teen teaches teens sound fitness and nutrition practices. Enrolling in our programs opens a path to resources and professionals dedicated to introducing teens to a healthy lifestyle they can practice and perfect, providing a lifetime of fun, fitness and happiness. This badge designates a teens’ commitment to learning fitness skills such as yoga, Pilates, calisthenics, stretching, core strength and cardio fitness. Teens will be introduced to healthy eating plans and choices. Get started today. Lean Teen Rules!

Running BadgeeRunning Badge: Running is a great fitness activity. It strengthens the heart, lungs, circulatory system, and tones many muscles. Learning how to develop a personalized cardiovascular exercise program will be emphasized while pursuing this badge. Training techniques to include heart rate monitoring, interval training, and proper form are presented. Teens will record their mileage, improve their technique and learn valuable nutrition and hydration requirements. Want great health? Run Lean Teen Run!!

Biking BadgeBiking Badge: Biking is an awesome fitness or recreational activity. The legs get a great workout and the cardiovascular system can be challenged, whatever your fitness level. Earning the Biking Badge ensures our teens have the skills to smartly and safely adventure on a bike, morning, noon or night. Teens will master maintenance and repair skills, including the dreaded flat tire or occasional chain derailment. Safety skills will include helmet use, road rules, nightlights and riding techniques. Get out on your bike! Roll on Lean Teen!!

Fitness BadgeFitness Badge: A great way to monitor your overall fitness is to earn the Fitness Badge. This is a test administered every three months consisting of running tests, calisthenics, jumping rope, up/downs, jumping jacks, 100 yard dash, the sprinter, sit ups, and push-ups. Teens will be motivated to improve their results each test. Challenge yourself! Join our crew for The Fitness Test. Improvement is rewarded with program points and increased self-esteem!!

Hiking BadgeHiking Badge: Nature holds powerful energy to vitalize your life and satisfy your soul. Whether on a well-travelled trail or seeking more remote experiences, skills developed earning the Hiking Badge will ensure a safe adventurous journey. Pace count, compass skills and navigation techniques will become second ‘nature’. Safety skills and nutrition practices are emphasized throughout this program. Grab your pack, food and water, check the weather, pack your gear, and get outside. Hiking is awesome fun!

Yoga BadgeYoga Badge: Practicing Yoga has many benefits. The obvious ones are improved balance, strength, and body control. In addition, yoga has many benefits to the mind. Clearer thoughts, better focus and a happier disposition will develop along with your practice. Teens will be introduced to the basic moves and develop an evolving routine. Focusing on proper breathing techniques will help instill a sense of calm and confidence. Grab your mat and a bottle of water. It’s time to get your Down Dog on! Namaste!!

Pilates BadgePilates Badge: Pilates exercises are awesome for firming up the abs, hips and lower back, commonly called ‘the core’. Better posture, improved flexibility, and increased body control are benefits to expect from practicing Pilates. Lean Teens start with Pilates mat exercises, the foundation of any Pilates program. Mastering these mat exercises will earn teens this badge and move them on to the next Pilates level, Reformer exercises. Advanced programs include the Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, and the wonderful Wunda chair!!

Food Knowledge BadgeFood Knowledge Badge: This badge emphasizes understanding proper nutrition practices like eating lots of fruits and veggies, drinking lots of water, limiting the fats and sweets…teens will be required to maintain a food journal for three months and demonstrate that they are ‘mostly’ eating healthy (we all need to enjoy pizza and ice cream on occasion…but never fried food) Superfoods including salmon, avocado, fruits, veggies, low-fat milk, eggs, yogurt, whole grains, beans, and nuts have positive effects on health. You are what you eat so…..Eat healthy! Be healthy!

Kitchen Skills BadgeKitchen Skills Badge: This badge incorporates our 3C’s introduction to the kitchen. They stand for Cook, Clean, and Chill. They represent the stove (cook), the sink (clean), and the refrigerator (chill). These three items exist in nearly every household in the country, and you can use them every day. Passing this badge will include being able to identify kitchen tools and how they are properly and safely used. All badges will require an exam to be awarded the badge, sometimes physical such as submitting photos and nutrition info, some conducted by their program director, and sometimes a written exam.

Cooking Basics BadgeCooking Basics Badge: This badge incorporates knowing how to prepare healthy meals to include “Brilliant Breakfast, Luscious Lunch, Delicious Dinner, and Smart Snacks” (all themes in our guidebook). This is basic knowledge; it will not require complicated food prep or lots of oven skills, which will be covered in the next advanced program/badge. Teens will submit photos that will post into their “guidebook” of their meals and snacks (good and bad eating) for a three month period, which will be monitored by their program director. An 80% or better healthy grade will get you this badge.